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Roseville, California – Parks Guide

Provided by City of Roseville, here’s a comprihensive list of parks and their locations in Roseville, California.

The Park Guide below will help you sort out all of the Roseville Parks. When you think about the essential ingredients that make up the integrated network of public spaces in the City of Roseville, most people think of the beautiful and well-maintained park system throughout the community. You may also think about the thousands of acres of open space, creeks, and bike trails preserved for future generations of residents and their families. These features are almost always mentioned as significant contributions to the high quality of life residents describe as some of the reasons they enjoy living in this community.

You can find Parks, Trails & Bikeways Map for Roseville by clicking HERE

There is, however, another vital feature in Roseville that often doesn’t get mentioned as often as the other public outdoor amenities. That essential ingredient is the network of safe, accessible, and attractive public streetscapes throughout the City. These public “green spaces” act to help soften the edge between the community’s streets, homes, and businesses. In addition, streetscapes strive to enhance Roseville’s goal of creating a desirable location for people to visit, work, play, and live.

Over the years, Roseville’s assortment of public streetscape components has grown to massive proportions. There are currently over 7.5 million square feet of public, landscaped medians, paseos and street corridors throughout the City. Over the next 2 –3 years that number will grow to over 10 million square feet. If a person were to walk along every median and streetscape throughout the City, they would travel over 75 miles. Imagine not just walking but maintaining a 20-foot wide strip of turf and plants along I-80 from Sacramento to the bay area! These numbers only include the public landscaping maintained by the City. You need to add in all the streetscapes on commercial properties as well to get a total citywide square footage number.

Maintaining all these public streetscape features is the job of Roseville’s Park Maintenance Division. The work is divided up between City staff and two commercial landscape management providers. Everyday there are dedicated staff working to maintain all public irrigation, turf, trees, shrubs and groundcovers throughout the City’s streetscapes.

Streetscapes may not be the most famous aspect of the City’s amazing assortment of preserved natural areas but it does play a key role in creating safe, clean, and green public spaces to enjoy while generating a greater sense of community pride.

1) Click the binocular icon on the top right.
2) Enter the street address. If you are using a mobile device with the GPS enabled, you can also click the “Find Me”  icon .
3) Use the slide bar to adjust the search area.
4) Click the park name or pushpin icon to get more information about the park.
5) Select the filter icon to only display map with preferred amenity.


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